Joe Schoen thinks Giants can win with Daniel Jones even if he’s not Josh Allen

Daniel Jones in hoodie pregame stonefaced

Even Joe Schoen admits that he had one huge advantage when he was helping to rebuild the Bills over the last four seasons. They hit the lottery in Buffalo when they traded up in the 2018 draft for quarterback Josh Allen.

They clearly don’t have a Josh Allen here.

“I’m not going to say anybody’s a Josh Allen,” the new Giants general manager told SNY after his introductory press conference on Wednesday. “I wouldn’t want to put that pressure on anybody, because he’s a freak.

“But I do think you can win with Daniel Jones.”

Maybe Schoen really believes that, or maybe he just realizes that he’s stuck with Jones as the Giants quarterback for now. But whether he’s right about that is really the key to everything he’s trying to do with the Giants, at least in the short term. Because of all the problems left behind by “retired” GM Dave Gettleman, the problem of Jones is the biggest.

And whether or not Schoen really can figure out a way to win with Jones at the helm will determine how quickly he can fix the Giants franchise – or whether he can fix it at all.

Schoen made it pretty clear on Day One that he is committed to Jones as the Giants’ franchise quarterback – surely in part because he knows there are no other viable options. There will be no trade for Deshaun Watson, as Giants co-owner John Mara said. And since he said “cap-wise we couldn’t afford it” anyway, that rules out Russell Wilson, too. There are likely no decent, affordable options in free agency at all. There’s no competition on the roster. And there seemingly aren’t any star quarterbacks coming out of this draft.

In other words, there is no help on the way, which is why Schoen promised the only thing he could: “We’ll build an offense around Daniel,” he said, “to accentuate what he does best.”

And that alone will be a nice change of pace for Jones, who will soon be on his third head coach and fourth offensive coordinator in…


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