Jets need to start QB Mike White, not Zach Wilson, against Bills

Mike White black jersey helmet off, hat on, fist up

Zach Wilson is expected to return to practice this week and there’s at least a chance that he’ll be healthy enough to play on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. That’s good, because he’s still the Jets’ Quarterback of the Future. The more experience he can get, the better.

But right now is not the best time.

It is a delicate and weird quarterback situation that the Jets are facing this week, after Mike White and Josh Johnson both showed they can run the offense better than Wilson has this season. Robert Saleh’s dilemma is that what’s best for the future isn’t what’s best for the now. There has been no flinching inside the Jets’ organization. Wilson is still their franchise quarterback.

The best decision for this Sunday, though, is to keep Wilson on the bench.

And honestly, that’s exactly what it sounds like Saleh intends to do. At first, he said on Wednesday that when Wilson is “fully healthy, for sure” he’s still the Jets’ starting quarterback. He hedged a bit on that later, but he also made it clear the Jets don’t think Wilson is fully healed yet.

“We’ll see how he is,” Saleh said. “We’re not in any hurry to rush him back. If he’s not fully healthy it would be irresponsible for us to throw him out there.”

Yes it would, and that’s the biggest reason why Wilson’s return to the lineup can wait. That sprained PCL he suffered when he “felt a pop” up in New England on Oct. 24 may have been a “best-case scenario” for the Jets at the time, but it’s still a significant injury. The general projected recovery time is two-to-four weeks, though depending on the severity it could be more.

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The Jets did not put Wilson on injured reserve, which would’ve required a three-week absence, because they felt he could return to practice before the three weeks were up. That appears to be true. But that doesn’t mean he’s fully healthy, either. He’s still barely…


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