Jaguars’ hiring puts Shad Khan in bad light

The best lie the NFL ever told is that the league is a meritocracy.

For the players? Sure, most of them at least. But anyone else? Heck no. Not for head coaches, unless you think it’s just a happy coincidence nearly a third of this year’s group is of blood relation to another current or former coach. Not for assistant coaches, who usually get their jobs because of who they’re related to or whose father they married or who they worked with two or three stops previous.

And it absolutely, positively is not a meritocracy for owners, the 31 people who like to fancy themselves the smartest ones in every room they enter. Sixteen of them have their multi-billion dollar plaything because they inherited it through birth or marriage, and you could argue that perhaps two of them are actually qualified to run an American football team.

The league they lord over succeeds in spite of these owners, not because of them.

Shad Khan in Jacksonville is just the latest example of this, though he’s far from the only one. 

Khan hired Urban Meyer as head coach earlier this year despite every tainted, terrible thing in Meyer’s past, the latest attempt from his perpetually moribund franchise to stimulate any sign of life. Though there have been signs from nearly day one that this would be an unmitigated disaster, an NFL Network report on Saturday detailing discontent under Meyer gave further evidence that it indeed is an unmitigated disaster.

This is the 10th year of Khan’s ownership. He had absolutely zero experience with the sport when he ponied up $760 million to buy the Jaguars, just cash and the approval of the existing NFL franchise owners.

Over that time, Meyer is his fourth head coach and Jacksonville is 41-116 (.261) after Sunday’s shutout loss to Tennessee. Jacksonville has had one season over .500 during Khan’s ownership, in 2017 when it won the AFC South. 

In spite of everything that’s gone on to this point, reports are that Khan wants to keep Meyer beyond this year, assuming Meyer…


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