It’s time for Georgia to have their day against Alabama in the College Football Playoff championship game

Did you hear the one about the Georgia fan who updated his will on his deathbed?

“I want the Georgia football team to be my pall-bearers so they can let me down one more time,” he said.

Why do guys like to date Georgia coeds?

They never expect a ring.

Forgive me, Dawgs, but some things never get old. In Florida, it’s joking about Georgia football. No doubt, Kirby Smart has helped make the Gators a punchline of late. But Georgia’s championship drought has always given Florida fans the ultimate comeback.

In case you haven’t heard, it been 41 years now. That’s one more year than Moses wandered the desert.

We are T-Minus 36 hours until the kickoff against Alabama.

Why not? I mean, Alabama’s won about 21 national championships since Nick Saban arrived. It needs another trophy like Elon Musk needs another billion dollars.

Bulldogs running back James Cook and offensive lineman Justin Shaffer celebrate Cook’s touchdown against the Michigan Wolverines.

A national championship would mean everything to Georgia, which is exactly why some UF fans don’t want the Bulldogs to get it. They’ve been conditioned to hate all things red and black.

Larry Munson’s voice. Hedges. Squatty dogs.

They forever want to “hang half a hundred on ‘em,” as Steve Spurrier said and did when the Gators invaded Sanford Stadium in 1995.

Understood. But for purely humanitarian reasons, imagine walking in a Georgia fan’s shoes the past 41 years.

Four decades of heartache for Bulldog fans

“We always say it takes a strong heart to be a Bulldog fan because we’ve had our hearts broken so many times,” Sandra Petrousta said.

She’s an upstanding citizen, good neighbor, hard-working mother. The kind of person you want to be happy, despite the fact she’s also president of the Georgia Bulldog Club of Jacksonville.

Petrousta can’t help it. She…


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