“Here we go again.” – Earl Simmons

Another year, another way the Dallas Cowboys have found a means of sawing off their own ankle as if being tied to a 12-5 record with potential to win the Super Bowl was the same as being chained to a bathtub with Jigsaw talking to them from the other room. An abysmal end to a once-promising season landed when they mostly laid an egg against the San Francisco 49ers on NFL Super Wild Card Weekend, losing 23-17 in a game that again proved all they had to do was be somewhat awake and they would’ve walked away with a win.¬†

But as infuriating as it was for owner Jerry Jones and Co., they’ve opted to keep things steady atop the coaching pyramid — confirming my reporting for CBS Sports¬†regarding Mike McCarthy returning as head coach in 2022 — settling that discussion before it grows any legs this offseason. That doesn’t mean they can sit back and simply hope for the best in Year 3 of McCarthy’s five-year deal, however, because there is much work to do and no time to waste in getting it done.¬†

Unsure of the future of their two coordinators, Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn, another major shakeup in the coaching staff could send ripples — if not shockwaves — throughout the staff beneath McCarthy and the roster beneath them all. That leads me to the very real question of where exactly do the Cowboys go from here, as both a team and as an organization?

If they want to finally break the curse and land a sixth Lombardi trophy anytime soon, they need to listen up, because here’s the blueprint for 2022 and beyond:

End the ‘my guy’ approach

I’m not going to say McCarthy needs to be fired, because that’s both knee-jerk reaction and one that serves only to pander for clicks, so no thanks. The reality is I’ve seen enough improvement over Year 1 to warrant giving him one more chance (and only one) to avoid forcing Prescott — whom you signed to a multi-year deal — to…



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