Ex-New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman dishes on Tom Brady during ManningCast: He’s a ‘babe’ guy

A TV camera showed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski talking to each other in the final minutes of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 30-10 victory over the New York Giants on “Monday Night Football,” and inquiring minds wanted to know.

What were they saying?

Peyton Manning posed that question on the latest edition of the ManningCast to the ideal guest: Julian Edelman, the retired wide receiver who with the New England Patriots won three Super Bowl rings with Brady and Gronkowski – the quarterback-tight end tandem now with the Bucs.

Edelman imagined some dialogue between the two players, then revealed something about Brady.

In that conversation on the sideline, Brady would be address Gronkowski as “babe.’’ As in, ‘You had a great game, babe.’ ”

Explained Edelman, “Lot of babes. TB’s a ‘babe’ guy.’”

This prompted a response from Phil Mickelson, who was a guest on the ESPN2 broadcast last week with Peyton and Eli Manning.

Tweeted Mickelson: “Found out on the ManningCast that TB’s a “babe” guy. The reason this is so disappointing is he called me babe when we were partners in The Match and I thought I was the only one. Now to find out he calls everyone babe really crushes my heart.’’

As the Eli or Peyton likely would console Mickelson, “It’s going to be OK, pal.’’’

Could Bills Parcells have coached today’s QBs?

Bill Parcells, head coach of the New York Jets in 1997, said the team would have drafted Peyton with their first pick that year had Peyton left the University of Tennessee early. But Parcells, the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach with the New York Giants, said he wouldn’t have made it through the 28 interceptions Peyton threw as an NFL rookie.

“We definitely would have drafted him, but I would have probably cut my throat at about (interception) number 15, so I wouldn’t have seen those additional 13,’’ Parcells said.

Parcells, 80, also said his methods might not have worked with today’s quarterbacks.

“Probably not,’’ he…


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