Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper isn’t known as a guy to shoot off his mouth carelessly. So when he repeatedly used the word “frustrated” in an interview this week to talk about his recent dip in production, it caught the attention of many.

Some headlines were quick to play up that one word, but savvy fans know better than to paint Cooper with the same brush as past diva wideouts who whined loud and long to every hot microphone they could find about their number of targets.

But there’s no dissension in the ranks in Dallas. In this case, the veteran’s teammates and coaches fully support and agree with what Cooper said.

Cooper would no doubt like a little more action in the Cowboys offense. Right now, though, so would nearly every member of that unit, as the defense has carried the team on their current three-game winning streak.

And that was the question that started the brouhaha in a call-in Thursday with a Dallas radio station. Cooper was asked if it bothers him that the offense is struggling or that he’s not getting the ball, even while the team is winning.

“I’ve got to be honest, it actually does,” Cooper told 105.3 The Fan. “Because, yeah, we’re winning, but the defense is playing a huge part in that. We’re not really as explosive as we should be. We’re not converting a lot of their turnovers to touchdowns. A lot of them are field goals. And I feel like I could be a huge part of that, so that’s what frustrates me,” Cooper said. “I think I can do more in the red zone if I get the targets. I think I can do more on third downs if I get the targets. To help the offense be where we need to be, I definitely think I can help change that, for sure.”

A four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver believing he can help his struggling offense by having the ball thrown to him in key situations. Is that selfish… or is it exactly what the team’s top-earning and highest-profile pass-catcher should say?

Cooper’s stats are frustratingly pedestrian this…



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