The truck arrived at JerryWorld on Thursday evening carrying 82.5 gallons of slime and a custom-designed slime tank.

That’s 688 pounds of slime, for those keeping track at home.

CBS Sports and Nickelodeon aren’t merely aiming to recreate the Emmy-winning production they coordinated for last year’s debut NFL wild-card game on Nickelodeon broadcast. They’re rounding into postseason form.

“These people are so professional but so funny at the same time,” 12-year-old Nick star Dylan Gilmore, who will report from the sideline, told USA TODAY Sports. “They always trippy. They always lit.”

The Nickelodeon broadcast, featuring the San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys game Sunday at 4:30 p.m. ET, will combine augmented reality, carefully curated animation and the trademark heaping of slime as parent company CBS aims to engage parents and fans alike. Past highlights like virtual end zone slime explosions and the image of SpongeBob between the uprights will return. But they have evolved.

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CBS Sports and Nickelodeon crew members shipped buckets of slime and a specially designed slime tank to AT&T Stadium ahead of the Cowboys vs. 49ers wild-card game.

“This time SpongeBob is changing expression on the field goal,” CBS Sports coordinating producer Shawn Robbins told USA TODAY Sports. “He starts off in this pensive sort of mood and is waiting for it. If it goes in, he gives you a little smile. Wide, doesn’t make it, he has a frown.”

Expect a virtual slime monster to grow from the stadium turf. Expect an augmented-reality Nick blimp to drift through the broadcasted air. Even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are joining the fun as the animated characters of choice to represent NFL NextGen Stats replays. But producer, broadcaster and players know: Fans’ most pressing questions will center around the network’s famous green gunk.

“It’s Nickelodeon. It’s in our blood,” 15-year-old Nick…



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