Cowboys’ Dak Prescott is ‘not gonna hesitate’ to use mobility as weapon going forward: ‘I’m playing that way’

Dak Prescott is again ready to literally put his best foot forward for the Dallas Cowboys. It wasn’t just what he did in the air, but also on the ground, for while it wasn’t a 100-yard rushing day or anything near it, his early decisions to take off and run extended drives and threw the defense into a state of confusion as this wasn’t the version of Prescott many teams have seen in 2021. So as he and the Dallas Cowboys ready for a pivotal matchup on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, the two-time Pro Bower has a message.

For much of the season, be it the psychology of returning from a season-ending fractured ankle suffered in 2020 and/or his battle with a calf strain midway through the 2021 season, Prescott has been exceedingly hesitant to run the ball. Don’t count on that being a thing going forward and into the playoffs, though.

If there’s green grass in front of him, he’s off to the races.

“If there’s an opportunity to run, obviously this being the back part of the season, heading into the playoffs — everything matters,” he said on Monday. “I’m playing that way. I’m preparing that way.”

That’s music to the ears of those who have long questioned Prescott’s unwillingness this season to take the yards in front of him when a play breaks down and/or there’s no one open to air the ball out to. He’s often opted to stay behind the line of scrimmage and hope for the best downfield, and while at times that’s paid off, it’s cost him and what was a sputtering Cowboys offense potential first downs as well. 

Because while Prescott’s game will never be confused with that of Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, his mobility is still something that must be accounted for by opposing defenses, as it was at Mississippi State and through the first four-plus seasons with the Cowboys — up until he suffered the aforementioned ankle injury. The only way to truly digest the before and after is to take a…


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