Could Tyler Huntley be Steelers’ QB in 2022? CBS Sports’ Evan Washburn weighs in

Media members, including this one, have already begun trying to figure out who will quarterback the Steelers in 2022 in the event that this is indeed Ben Roethlisberger’s final season in Pittsburgh. Veterans Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, Pitt Panthers phenom Kenny Pickett, as well as current Pittsburgh backup quarterback Mason Rudolph have been projected as possible options for the Steelers. 

Another player whose name may start to enter the conversion is Ravens second-year quarterback Tyler Huntley, who has played exceptionally well in relief of Lamar Jackson this season. When asked about the possibility of Huntley being the Steelers’ quarterback next season, CBS Sports’ Evan Washburn believes that Huntley will be among the Ravens’ top offseason priorities. 

“There’s no doubt that he’s got ability,” said Washburn, who had a front-row seat to Huntley’s progress this summer as a member of Baltimore’s preseason broadcasts. “He’s a confident, young player that just needs reps. I think his value in Baltimore is more than it would be in any of the 31 other teams, including Pittsburgh. What it allows this offense to do when Lamar either is removed from the game due to illness, injury, whatever it might be, they don’t have to change play calls. They don’t have to change the scheme. 

“They’re not going to get the same amount of production; by no means is Tyler Huntley Lamar Jackson. But he can run the Lamar Jackson offense. And that is a luxury that not many teams have when it comes to their backup. … I think they will realize, especially after this season, he has some value [in Baltimore], and I’m sure they’ll take care of him. They’ve got to take care of Lamar first. That’s the major contract, then I’m sure Huntley will become a priority as well. And I don’t necessarily see him — despite what he’s done in limited action — as a guy that teams are going to target to maybe be their…


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