Chase Claypool controversy: Vikings pull off sneaky move vs. Steelers that probably should have been penalized

The Pittsburgh Steelers almost pulled off an improbable comeback against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, but one reason they weren’t able to come away with a win is because they ran out of time. 

The Steelers reached Minnesota’s 12-yard line with just three seconds left to play in the game, which meant they had just one chance to score and after they were unable to punch it in, the Vikings ended up escaping with a 36-28 win. 

Following the Steelers’ loss, Chase Claypool was heavily criticized for a situation late in the game that appeared to cost the Steelers at least 10 seconds off the clock. However, it appears that the lost time wasn’t Claypool’s fault and that it was actually due to a sneaky play by Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks that should have been penalized. 

The Claypool drama started on a fourth-and-1 play with just 42 seconds left. To have any shot of winning, the Steelers needed to convert and they did that when Ben Roethlisberger hit Claypool for a 9-yard gain that took Pittsburgh down to Minnesota’s 34-yard line. 

The Steelers were out of timeouts, so they needed to get to the line as quickly as possible so they could spike the ball to stop the clock. Claypool got criticized because he celebrated the first down and after that celebration, it took 14 seconds from when he got tackled until the Steelers were able to get off their next snap. A tweet calling Claypool “clueless” had more than 6,500 retweets after the game.

However, as Claypool correctly pointed out after the game, the fact that the Steelers lost 14 seconds wasn’t his fault. 

In his postgame interview Claypool noted that the ball got knocked out of his hand and although it was unclear what he was talking about at the time, it’s pretty clear now: Kendricks very casually swiped the ball from Claypool and then threw it behind his back, which you can see in the video below. 

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