Cam Newton delivers mic drop in resounding return to Panthers: ‘Keep Pounding’

In the Book of Exodus, Moses famously went from being the Prince of Egypt to wandering the desert, where he became a shepherd for many years before God eventually summoned him back to Egypt in order to free the Israelites. The story of Moses, and his flight into the wilderness, is partially a story of transition — something that Cam Newton had been focused on in the first half of the 2021 NFL season.

Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP, was a free agent after being released by the New England Patriots at the end of the preseason. Out of football only a few short years after being one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, Newton had entered this past week focused on the idea of transition within the context of the Bible.

“In a lot of ways, while I had this off-time, I felt like Moses,” Newton said. “When you go to the desert, when you go in that place of isolation, it’s just you and God. It’s just you and your circumstance. And it’s not for you to question, it’s not for you to be angry — It’s just for you to just trust. And that’s what I did.”

Tuesday night, that trust was rewarded — in this case, the burning bush was Newton’s cell phone, and the voice of God was Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule. Needing a quarterback in the wake of an injury to the beleaguered Sam Darnold, the Panthers summoned Newton back and signed him to a one-year contract on Thursday to return to Carolina and deliver the Panthers from the Pharaoh of a struggling offense and five losses in their last six games.

But incidentally, Newton revealed Friday that he missed Rhule’s initial call. It was Taco Tuesday at the Newton household, and he had to do a double-take once he saw Rhule’s name in his caller ID.

“I said ‘What in the world? It’s God — Hey, it’s me.’ Are you playin’?” recalled Newton. “… Once I seen it, it was like ‘Hold up, is somebody playing with me?’ When we talked, it was very exhilarating to just hear…


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