The Bills’ dominant win over the Patriots included an unprecedented accomplishment in NFL history.

Every time the Bills got the ball they scored a touchdown — seven possessions, seven touchdowns — with the exception of kneeling down at the end of each half. The Bills had no turnovers, and they never even considered punting or kicking a field goal because they never faced a fourth down. That has never happened in NFL history, in the regular season or the playoffs.

In the regular season the Bills went a whole game against the Patriots without punting, becoming the first Bill Belichick opponent ever to go a full game without a punt.

If anything, Saturday night’s 47-17 Bills win was more dominant than even the score indicated. Belichick’s Patriots defense never had an answer for Josh Allen and the Bills. This was one of the most impressive offensive performances in NFL history.

Bills ended every possession with a touchdown or kneeldown, unprecedented in NFL history originally appeared on Pro Football Talk



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