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Aaron Rodgers is the MVP

I’m sure there are some voters and observers who are hesitant to give it the same guy two years in a row. They’re going to have to get over because Aaron Rodgers deserves the MVP.

If Tom Brady hadn’t slipped to end the season, had Matthew Stafford not piled up picks in bunches or some dark horse really got hot we’d be having a different conversation. Alas, none of those things happened.

So here we are, once again … with Rodgers.

Let’s go back to the basics of the award. MVP often goes to the best quarterback from the best team. Whether you like it or not, that’s about how it goes. Rodgers has been as eclectic if not more so this year than he was in his delightful 2020 MVP season.

As for the team component, it’s hard to argue for anyone else atop power rankings right now.

The Packers’ offense is as hard to game plan for and as dynamic as anyone out there. The defense has been far better than expected in Joe Barry’s first year on the job. And all of this has been without some of the best players on the roster. David Bakhtiari, Z’Darius Smith, Jaire Alexander … those names would be atop any ranking of Green Bay’s talent pool and they’ve barely made an impact (if at all) this year.

And why has Green Bay been able to weather storms while not losing an ounce of steam? They have the MVP on their roster. This might be the year he ends it with a Super Bowl run.

Shoutout to Bengals fans

Imagine being a Bengals fan right now? How could you be anything but insanely jacked about your team?

The future is bright in Cincinnati with the young core they’ve developed. That’s as exciting as anything for a fan but even more hype-enducing: This team is really good right now.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals are the rightful winners of the AFC North. To lock it up by taking down the Chiefs is just so fitting. It shows that this operation has developed from an exciting offense to a true, well-rounded team that has an identity…



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