49ers’ fierce defense of Jimmy G is no surprise to Shanahan originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Over the past few weeks, several 49ers have come to Jimmy Garoppolo’s defense, both prompted and unprompted.

Kyle Shanahan isn’t surprised that everyone from George Kittle to Deebo Samuel, Fred Warner, and Nick Bosa have Garoppolo’s back. He knows the respect the 30-year-old signal-caller commands in the locker room and is adamant that, stats aside, the 49ers wouldn’t be one win away from the Super Bowl if not for Garoppolo.

“It shows what our guys think of him,” Shanahan told reporters Thursday. “And it also shows our guys probably are on social media. They probably feel a need to stick up for him. I know his social media probably hasn’t been that great, so I’m glad they’re sticking up for him because what they say is the truth. Jimmy is one of the main reasons we’re here. He’s done an unbelievable job. People don’t give him enough credit. Yeah, we win as a team, and that’s why he doesn’t always have the same stats that some of these MVP candidates have, but Jimmy’s a very good quarterback and he doesn’t worry about any of that stuff. He doesn’t worry about social media. That’s why he’s a little similar to me, he probably doesn’t have as much of an idea as that stuff.

“And he never really changes and I think that’s what people respect the most about him. He’s gone through some ups and downs while he’s been here, like most quarterbacks do, but he’s the same guy. And that’s why people, first and foremost, respect him as a human as a person. And then the way that he goes and battles on the field, everyone knows how tough he is, everyone knows how hard he’ll compete running with the ball and our guys also know he can throw pretty well too.”

Garoppolo entered the season knowing it likely would be his last in a 49ers uniform. But Trey Lance’s arrival didn’t change his approach. Win, lose or draw, Garoppolo remains even-keeled, and his calming presence has the 49ers…



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